Transition Management

With a mindset constantly geared towards solutions and working harmoniously with all the stakeholders of the Festival: everything goes smoothly thanks to a meticulously planned organization in advance, ready to handle unexpected events.

Excellence as the Guiding Principle

As a restaurant consultant, my role has been primarily focused on transition management, with two main aspects.

On one hand, I had the responsibility of managing all operations related to bars and dining for the Easter Festival. This role encompassed a variety of tasks, including organizing, coordinating, and overseeing activities to ensure an exceptional culinary experience for all festival attendees.

On the other hand, my role involved training and mentoring the newly hired Director of Bar & Restaurant Operations. I worked closely with him to acquaint him with the specific procedures and expectations of his position. My goal was to provide him with the necessary tools and support to ensure a smooth and effective transition.

The Easter Festival

The Easter Festival, a major event in Provence’s cultural life, carries the emotions of music beyond Aix-en-Provence by offering concerts to associations, patients in care centers, and senior residences in the South region. But that’s not all! The Easter Festival is also a committed player in the dissemination of classical music, offering workshops, encounters, lectures, and masterclasses that allow for a different exploration of music. By providing moments of exchange and sharing, the Easter Festival contributes to the promotion of classical music throughout the region.

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