Consulting assignment for the opening of a restaurant within a facility still under construction

The Department of Alpes Maritimes, eager to invigorate the Vésubie territory, decided to invest for an opening in 2016 in the new thermal resort of Berthemont-les-Bains. Covering an area of 4,000 m2, the complex was entrusted under a public service delegation to the VALVITAL group, which completely renovated the facilities that had aged over time. I was engaged for a consulting assignment to open a restaurant within this facility, which was still under construction.

Concept definition

Objective: To define a concept for a restaurant that adheres to the constraints of the Berthemont-les-Bains thermal establishment and to implement all necessary actions for the delivery of a “turnkey” establishment: trained personnel, referenced suppliers, and established procedures.

Once again, I faced the challenge of managing an opening project. This time, with a heightened level of complexity since my recommendations would have concrete implications on the construction work to be carried out.

I established a project management timeline, which I submitted to the regional management, giving me a clear view of the strategy to adopt.

I also had the pleasure of collaborating with high-level service providers like the Chevalier/Triquenot architectural firm, Maison Solomas for layout and decoration, and ECHR for the technical kitchen aspects.

This was a step up in terms of establishment creation. From the construction site to serving the first customer, this experience allowed me to reinforce the skills I had developed while working with the Theatres.

Berthemont-les-Bains Thermal Spa​

The Berthemont-les-Bains thermal complex specializes in two main areas: the treatment of rheumatic diseases and respiratory disorders.

Located just an hour’s drive from Nice, Berthemont-les-Bains is a natural haven offering breathtaking views of a mountain range overlooking the renowned Vésubie valley. Berthemont-les-Bains is a dream destination for nature enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, wildlife observation, and unique viewpoints. Situated at an average altitude of 960 meters, this quaint village enjoys a particularly pleasant mountain climate.

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