Consultation & Creation

From the inception of the concept to the implementation of all necessary management tools, I guide establishment owners at every step of the process to ensure the success of their business.

The Concept

Servuction and customer experience are two vital elements in the creation of a successful restaurant concept. Servuction can be defined as the outcome of the interaction of three basic elements: the customer, the physical environment, and the frontline staff, all underpinned by the coordination of the company’s internal organizational system and the presence of other customers. This is where Lean management comes into play.

Comprehensive support

fournisseur restaurant

Partners & Suppliers

After identifying the most suitable specialized suppliers and service providers, I competitively source suppliers and service providers to guarantee the best prices and terms for the project.

accord commercial

Commercial Negotiation

I negotiate preferential rates and tripartite agreements with selected suppliers and service providers, ensuring savings for the establishment owner.

Selction produit

Product Selection

Once suppliers and service providers have been chosen and agreements negotiated, I assist you in selecting quality products to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

Procedure Implementation

Procedures are detailed instructions that outline steps to perform a specific task. They can encompass all facets of running a restaurant, from ordering supplies to managing employees. It’s a highly effective control tool. A continuously improving process.

A managerial approach focused on the individual and Lean management in the service of the restaurant industry