20 years of passion

I firmly believe that people are at the heart of all our activities. My approach is based on a fundamental principle: person-centered management. I am convinced that to excel, it is essential to understand, appreciate, and respect each individual.

Attuned to Others

Throughout my career, I’ve taken a rich and diverse path that has allowed me to experience numerous positions within the restaurant sector. I began in a major role at Pierre and Vacances, initially as a sports animator, and then as a steward/cost controller. From there, I progressed in the hotel and restaurant industry, working in semi-gourmet establishments, boutique hotels, and group hotels. Each of these experiences enriched my understanding of the profession and prepared me for upcoming challenges.

My journey took an exciting turn when I discovered the world of Culture. In this context, I realized that I needed to deepen my knowledge of the catering profession to understand and manage the specific challenges associated with structuring a catering service. I took the initiative to get hands-on experience and learn by doing, a philosophy I’ve always adhered to throughout my career.

These varied and enriching experiences have culminated in my current role as a Consultant.

2022 : Master MBA

MBA Degree in Business Management of Hotels, Tourism, and Restaurants from the International Higher School of Savignac.

2012 - 2022 : Grand Théâtre de Provence : Les Théâtres

Director of Restaurant and Bar Operations

2021 - 2022 : Cosquer Méditérannée

Creation of the restaurant/catering service/Fine Grocery of La Grotte Cosquer

2016 : Valvital

Management of the project to create the Panorama restaurant

Constantly monitoring market developments (customer expectations, market challenges, human resource management): I pride myself on understanding the specific needs and challenges of each client to offer tailored solutions with a suitable approach.

My added value as a restaurant consultant is to integrate the principles of Lean Management and person-centered management into processes. Lean Management aims to maximize operational efficiency while minimizing waste, while person-centered management seeks to value the skills and potential of each individual. These approaches help improve profitability and customer satisfaction while promoting a healthy and motivating work environment for employees.

Lean Management in the Service of the Restaurant Industry

With the Muri, Mura, Muda concept, I aim to maximize value for the customer while reducing waste. As a hotel and restaurant consultant, I use this approach to highlight areas of concern and improvement in lean management.

Muri (overbuden)

In the hotel industry, it's common to overburden employees and resources, leading to stress, decreased service quality, and ultimately, customer dissatisfaction. By identifying overburden areas, we can effectively redistribute resources and tasks to balance the workload and improve the work environment.

Mura (inconsistency)

Inconsistency in services or processes can cause confusion and dissatisfaction among customers. By detecting irregularities, we can establish uniform standards to ensure a consistently high-quality customer experience.

Muda (waste)

In any operation, there's potential waste, whether it's time, materials, or effort. By identifying waste areas, we can implement strategies to eliminate these inefficiencies, thus enhancing productivity and profitability.

A managerial approach focused on the individual and Lean management in the service of the restaurant industry.